As our tailors have at least 20 years of experience,we can assure you that your garment will be in the best possible hands. This makes us the number one choice for anyone seeking the perfect fit.

Tailoring is an art that takes decades to transmit from a seasoned master to a young talent. Our experienced contemporary tailors have been helping clients look their best with the highest quality custom fitted suits, jackets and shirts. Our style and quality means clients are confident and know that they look great. We’re known in the industry – and in the wider fashion world. Where London Royal leads, others follow.

London Royal suits are so well-fitting and expressive that you’ll soon feel completely at ease in yours. And once you look the part, that’s when you know you’re at your best. Our ambition is to customise your garment to speak volumes for your individuality and edge.

It’s in the touch and feel. The thread count of comfort. A dapper drape of confidence and style. At London Royal, we offer a competitive alterations and tailoring service where we will improve the fit or repair your existing clothes or suits. Our in house tailors will advise for free on the alterations to be completed and all alterations will be carried out by one of our expert alteration tailors.

Heritage and authority of tailoring at the highest level. Combine that with the finest standard of European make and you’ve got something unique.

A celebration of cut, quality and design, our suits and tailoring marry trend and tradition with effortless sophistication. From double-breasted blazers to the three-piece tuxedo, keep your formal repertoire impeccably sharp with our premium menswear.


Discover your nearest London Royal store and enjoy an elegant and calming atmosphere in which to begin your London Royal experience.